LED Light Quality

Do LED Lights Provide High Quality Lighting? We often get asked about the quality of LED lights, and whether or not LED lighting will look good in a specific function or area. There’s still quite the misconception about LED light quality, however it’s our aim with this article to shed some light on the issue. Price of LED Lights First and foremost, the overall costs of LED lighting for both...
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Energy Saving Tips For Business

With the constant rise of energy costs, businesses that want to control monthly expenses need to manage their energy consumption. We’ve created this list of energy savings tips for business that all types of business, big and small, can use to help save money on their energy bills. Use LED Exit Signs Believe it or not, exit signs consume a large amount of energy every year. In almost all cases...
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LED VS Halogen Lights

When looking for new and cost effective ways to light your home, business or institution knowing the facts first is the first step into making an informed decision. This article explores the pros and cons of both, LED lighting and Halogen lighting. LED - Light Emitting Diodes Pros of LED’s Size – Incredibly small and versatile. Efficiency – Not affected by shape or size, the LED em...
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Why Switch To LEDs?

Why Switch to LED Lighting For Your Business The demand for energy is always increasing and with that so are rates. Luckily, technology such as the Light Emitting Diode (LED), are evolving to meet our demands. The diode itself is a marvellous invention, without it we wouldn’t have many of the gadgets we know and love today. Not only are LED’s used for illuminating an area; they can be tweaked...
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Small Business Lighting Incentive Program

Did you know that small businesses in Ontario have access to government grants that will financially assist with getting energy efficient lighting installed by professionally licensed contractors? There are many benefits for small businesses to take advantage of the program and invest in energy efficient lighting. Some of the benefits when using ProQuip as your lighting contractor include: ...
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