Small Business Lighting Incentive Program

Did you know that small businesses in Ontario have access to government grants that will financially assist with getting energy efficient lighting installed by professionally licensed contractors? There are many benefits for small businesses to take advantage of the program and invest in energy efficient lighting. Some of the benefits when using ProQuip as your lighting contractor include: ...
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How to Choose Between LED and Traditional String Lights

The holiday season is just around the corner and if you take a look down your block, it’s likely that houses have already begun to light up in the season’s spirit. If you’re ready to start hanging your lights, the options available may have you standing in the shopping aisles with a decision to make. Not long ago, you could be fairly certain that most of the homes in the neighbourhood wer...
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The Lights Are Up and the Costs are Down at Brant Business Park Plaza

The Brant Business Park Plaza’s new solar panel is now fully operational. The custom Solar LED lighting solution designed for the Brant Business Park Plaza is a hybrid system, a concept brought to completion by ProQuip’s engineering expertise and the plaza’s desire for an innovative solution to going green and saving energy. ProQuip has provided a new solar LED lighting system integrated...
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Power in the Park

Sure spring has sprung all over Ontario and parks are bursting with green leaves but one park is going to be the greenest of them all. That park? Lifesavers Park in the City of Hamilton. The reason it’s so green? As the winner of the City’s Extreme Park Makeover, Lifesavers Park will be home to the very first ProQuip Power Zone brand Park N’ Charge unit. The Park N’ Charge recharging st...
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Increasing Hydro Rates Means It’s Time to Retrofit to LED Lighting Today!

As of May 1, 2015, Ontario hydro customers will be paying more for electricity. The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) announced new time-of-use pricing that pushes up the peak rate to 16.1 cents kWh from 14 cents kWh. With the price of electricity going up, some businesses are in danger - how long they will be able to keep operating before they are forced to shut their lights off for good? Premier Kat...
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