ProQuip PowerZone™ solar powered off-grid lighting solutions are designed for use in a wide variety of applications, requiring powerful illumination for commercial, industrial, and institutional properties.

Specifically designed for use in northern latitudes, ensures their continued operation during extended periods of harsh weather and sunless days. ProQuip PowerZone™ solar lighting systems are warrantied for 5 years, and the solar panels are warrantied by the manufacturer for 20 years.

ProQuip PowerZone™ is Bright

A typical ProQuip PowerZone™ system outputs 3,000+ lumens of cool, neutral white light. The light is placed exactly where needed, and depreciation in LED light output is low therefore this can be equivalent to a 75 – 100W metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) light fixture.

Automatic Dimming

ProQuip PowerZone™ sophisticated system monitors the battery voltage and temperature to accurately determine battery storage and independently adjusts the peak lighting level and dimmed lighting level to ensure minimum security levels are maintained.


In many lighting applications, peak light levels are only required for part of the evening, so for the rest of the night, a lower security level output is sufficient. Programmable off-peak lighting profiles reduce system costs such as early battery replacements, and minimizes light pollution.

The Park N’ Charge™ is a recharging station that runs 100% on solar power and is equipped with three pronged plugs plus USB ports for charging. As part of our family of ProQuip Power Zone™ chargers, Park N’ Charge™ boasts a light carbon footprint, is attractive, safe and rugged. Park N’ Charge™ gives municipalities another opportunity to save money by putting solar power to work.

Outdoor Solar Recharging Station in a Park

Features & Benefits
– 100% renewable energy source and zero environmental footprint
– All materials 100% recyclable
– Converts solar energy into 12V DC to charge the battery system
– AGM (Advance Glass Mat) batteries store the DC voltage and supply the Inverter which converts DC voltage to 120V AC household voltage
– System is fused (30 Amp) to protect circuitry against overload
– System protects against overload, short circuit and over-temperature
– Controller maintains battery voltage and disconnects if voltage is high or low, thereby protecting the batteries against catastrophic damage
– Quantity of 3 – 120V AC outlets
– Quantity of 2 – standard USB outlets for charging cell phones, tablets, laptops etc.
– Equipped with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter – short circuit protection
– All components UL/CSA/CE certified components
– System approved by ESA (Electrical Safety Authority)
– 1 year warranty on all batteries & electrical components
– 6 year warranty on solar panels & 25 year panel performance guarantee
– System designed, fabricated and assembled proudly in Canada


System Performance
– Unit performs between temperatures of -20°C to +40°C
– Battery capacity: Total = 149 Amp-hours at 24V (24 hour rate) Total available = 75 Amp-hours (using a safety of 50% depth of discharge)
– System performance: Battery storage provides 3 days of usage (with no sun) at 5 hours per day of continuous use at max output 5A at 120V (600W) 5 Amps x 5 hours / day = 25 Amp-hours 25 Amp-hours x 3 days = 75 Amp-hours
– During day-time hours, the solar panel will charge the batteries back up to 100% full capacity after the 5 hour per day use
– System output wattage: 600 Watts @ 120V AC
– System will automatically shut off and protect the circuit if the following scenarios arise;
1. Low voltage disconnect: battery voltage reaches 50% of full capacity
2. Inverter is over-exerted and too much power is drawn from the AC plugs (600W maximum)