Jon Nusink, General Manager, Brantford Golf and Country Club

We partnered with ProQuip International on a complete changeover of incandescent bulbs to LED on the exterior and interior of our Clubhouse.

As a golf club, we take our stewardship of the environment seriously, and felt that this is something we needed to be leader in. The fact that it created a better than expected return on investment, with savings for years to come didn’t hurt as well.

I think the toughest sell for ProQuip was in the dollar amounts of savings potential to the Club. It almost seemed too good to be true and therefore was hard to convince our club committees that it was a wise move. In the end though, it actually was better than they anticipated which made everyone very happy. The transition of course, was not without its challenges, but Denny from ProQuip was never more than a quick phone call away and worked tirelessly to make sure everything was perfect for us. In the end, it has been a great partnership and will continue to be so moving forward.