Boardwalk Market in Dunkirk

ProQuip America is back on the blogging scene with some exciting news! Back in March 2014, we lit up the Boardwalk Market in Dunkirk, New York by replacing two of their 250 watt quartz halogen bulbs with two of our 110 watt LED lights. It may not seem like much but in reality, just by replacing those two lights alone, we will help save the city $500.00 a year in replacement and maintenance fees. In addition, ProQuip also donated a solar panel to the Boardwalk in hopes to create brighter, safer, and energy efficient lighting solutions.


It all started a little while ago when our President/CEO Sam Tavernese went and met with Dunkirk’s Mayor, A. J. Dolce and the Director of Public Works, Tony Gugino about the lighting issues they had been having in front of their City Hall. After suggesting the switch to LED lighting and replacing the bulbs, it was evident that ProQuip would be having a bright future with the city.


ProQuip believes that both the city, and the businesses within it, will ultimately benefit from the energy saving costs associated with both LED lighting, Solar LED and Solar PV lighting, whether they’re utilized inside or outside of their facility. These lighting fixtures can be implemented everywhere from parking lots, sidewalks, and streets, to various pedestrian paths and trails.


Contact us today to find out how switching to LED lighting can save you money on your next energy bill!



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