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ProQuip's President Sam Tavernese Meets US President Barack Obama

The need for solar and LED energy has dramatically risen over the past year and on October 3rd, 2014, US President Barack Obama gave an exclusive speech that addressed the economy and the role manufacturing plays. Our President, Sam Tavernese, was honoured to join his Proquip America business partners Henry Jackson and Keith Allen at Millenium Steel in Princeton, Indiana to attend this conference...
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Boardwalk Market in Dunkirk

ProQuip America is back on the blogging scene with some exciting news! Back in March 2014, we lit up the Boardwalk Market in Dunkirk, New York by replacing two of their 250 watt quartz halogen bulbs with two of our 110 watt LED lights. It may not seem like much but in reality, just by replacing those two lights alone, we will help save the city $500.00 a year in replacement and maintenance fees. I...
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ProQuip America - 1 year in Dunkirk

ProQuip America is celebrating 1 year of operation in Dunkirk NY.  Sam Tavernese had a vision of growing into the USA and the location he chose was in Dunkirk NY.  ProQuip America was  established in July 2013 and was honoured in 2014 as Rookie Business of the Year.  The continued success of ProQuip in helping small to medium size businesses with their lighting and to save on energy costs acro...
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ProQuip Green Hub

ProQuip is excited to announce that our president, Sam Tavernese, was recently interviewed and our company has been published as a special feature on The Green Hub’s website under their business profiles for our LED lighting and solar LED lighting capabilities. Now firstly, you may be asking yourself “who or what is the Green Hub?” As stated on their website, they are Canada’s source fo...
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ProQuip - Honoured (Honored) as Rookie Business of the Year!

  It always makes you feel special when you're given an award.  Especially when you were not expecting one.   ProQuip has been helping small to large businesses with saving money on their energy costs and further lowering their energy consumption through retrofitting businesses with lighting options.   How simple a task, when you look at the high cost of electricity these days.   P...
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