Get Your Car Dealership into 5th Gear and Upgrade to LED Lighting Today!

Lighting is one of the most critical aspects in running a service sector business, as it significantly impacts the consumers shopping experience. Automotive dealerships are a great example of how important lighting is for increasing productivity, profits, and showcasing the product in the best way possible. What is the key behind driving automotive dealership business forward? LED lighting. Sel...
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The Use and Benefits of LED Lighting for Car Dealerships

The car industry is back on an upswing after being hit with the recession in 2009 and this means that dealership owners are pining for the best ways to make themselves stand out against the competition. Here at ProQuip, we believe that one of the most efficient and seemingly easiest approaches to achieve this is by simply adjusting your lot’s lighting. Especially in the winter months, we see mor...
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LED Nobel Prize

LED Lighting is not a new concept – for years it has significantly helped lower energy costs and increased energy efficiencies. So as you can imagine, it was no surprise to us here at ProQuip to hear that the creators have finally been recognized by the Nobel Committee! Recently, Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano of Japan, and U.S. scientist Shuji Nakamura won the Nobel Prize in physics earlier...
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Boardwalk Market in Dunkirk

ProQuip America is back on the blogging scene with some exciting news! Back in March 2014, we lit up the Boardwalk Market in Dunkirk, New York by replacing two of their 250 watt quartz halogen bulbs with two of our 110 watt LED lights. It may not seem like much but in reality, just by replacing those two lights alone, we will help save the city $500.00 a year in replacement and maintenance fees. I...
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The Benefits of Using Solar LED Lighting For Oil Rigs

Oil and gas companies often encounter many issues when working offshore, including how to light their operations. Over the years, LED lighting has enabled these industries to light up their work sites in a more efficient way, that saves both money and the environment.   These industries require high quality, long lasting, reliable and safe lighting fixtures that will meet or exceed their mi...
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