Renewable Energy

Introducing Solarize Energy L.P.

ProQuip announces it's alliance with Solarize Energy L.P. Solarize ( is a locally-owned project developer focused on solar energy projects qualifying for the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Program in the province of Ontario. The FIT Program provides a 20‑year guaranteed contract at fixed prices. Together with their strategic partners, Solarize offers a one-stop shop for thos...
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Brantford Transit users no longer in the dark

When night workers in Brantford's northwest industrial park head for the bus shelter in front of Western Waffles, they are no longer left in the dark. A pilot solar LED lighting project, sparked by Brantford councillor James Calnan, ensures that there will be plenty of bright light for workers waiting for Brantford Transit buses at that location. Calnan approached ProQuip International, a lo...
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Brantford's First Micro-FIT Solar Installation

ProQuip is installing Brantford's first solar PV system under the province's feed-in tariff (FIT) program for renewable energy generation. The program allows individuals and businesses to invest in solar, wind or other forms of renewable energy and then recoup their initial investment by selling the energy back to the Ontario Power Authority grid. Sam Tavernese, the president of ProQuip In...
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ProQuip gets the go-ahead for its first MicroFIT solar installation.

The application process has been completed and accepted for ProQuip's first solar installation under the Ontario FIT program. A 5-killowatt rooftop solar power system will be installed in Brantford, Ontario. With the design, permits, and installation plan already in place by ProQuip, this installation is now set to go forward and will be completed by March, 2010.
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Solar Thermal Installation | Brantford Ontario

A Brantford resident is enjoying the cold weather this week, knowing that his water heating bill will be lowered by 50-70%. The residence, located on Kerr Shaver Terrace, was outfitted with 3 glazed flat plate collectors (7.71sq.meters) and a 300L water tank. A drain water heat recovery system was also installed to capture energy that is typically wasted as hot water goes down the drain. This comp...
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