Energy-Saving Lights Set Bar High

LED Lights at Legends Taphouse & Grill

ProQuip International manufactures and distributes a wide variety of high quality, technologically advanced LED lighting products. These lamp products range from small MR-11 accent lights, through the PAR-series to high bay, canopy and street lamps. Energy saving LED lighting significantly reduces energy consumption thereby providing savings for consumers and businesses.

Examples of their successful commercial application include restaurants such as Legends Taphouse & Grill in the article above, to fast food chains, retail stores including food, furniture, clothing, sporting goods and so on.  In the Legends example of 68  50 Watt Halogen lamps being replaced by the same number of 2 Watt MR-11 LED lamps, the energy savings are over $200.00 per month and counting. With an expected lifecycle of up to 50,000 hours, their value is extended well beyond the normal life expectancy of the Halogen models they replaced.

Similar savings in energy and money can be achieved by looking at your business’ lamps and doing some simple math. If your lamps are a 100 Watt Halogen PAR38, they can be replaced with a 17 Watt PAR38 LED model while achieving the same or improved light levels. Your energy consumption for lighting just went down by more than 80% from switching to LED lighting. In addition, if you have a large number of these Halogen PAR 38 lamps in your store, they generate a lot of heat, which in the summer months is putting a heavy load on your HVAC system. LED lamps run much cooler than Halogens thereby generating more energy and dollar savings through reduced air conditioning needs.

Another major benefit is that your brand is now strongly associated with the growing Green Community of companies, institutions and consumers working towards energy conservation and sustainability.

If your business is in Ontario, you can apply through the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and your local electricity distribution company (LDC) to participate in the saveONenergy  Lighting Retrofit  program, which pays up to 50% of eligible expenses to retrofit your lights to more energy efficient models. ProQuip International is a registered provider of Applicant Representative Services to prepare applications for LDC and OPA pre-approval under the Prescriptive, Engineered and Custom Tracks of the OPA’s Commercial Lighting Retrofit and New Construction Programs. Our Interior LED Lighting products qualify for the incentive rebates and savings these programs can offer businesses and institutions.  Our capabilities and experience in interior LED lighting products since 1995 is extensive and growing and we employ it to help manage re-lamping projects and maximize the rebate potential of each retrofit opportunity.

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