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Business LED retrofit programThe business LED retrofit program offered by ProQuip International allows businesses to get up to 50% of project and material costs covered by government programs, while having virtually no paperwork. ProQuip takes you through the entire process, from the application to project completion; our experts prepare everything for you.

LED lighting has come a long way since becoming a popular means of lighting back in the early 2000’s. Today, LED lighting provides superior lighting quality and huge cost savings, making it the choice of lighting for businesses around the world.

Advantages of Business LED Retrofits

Depending on your business, LED lighting has many benefits that can affect every aspect of your operation:

Cost Savings
First and foremost, the amount of money that companies save when properly retrofitting their lighting can be astronomical! The best part is that these energy savings directly translate to a bigger bottom line year after year. Virtually all our clients save more money on the first year of energy efficient lighting, than they spend on the retrofit project.

Improve Working Conditions & Safety
Our lighting experts and engineers produce top quality results with every LED retrofit. In warehouse and other large commercial areas, we ensure that all lighting is correctly adjusted to be bright enough for a safe work environment, while also reducing eye strain, allowing for a more focused workforce.

Increase Customer Experiences
With a high quality LED retrofit, your product displays will look immaculate, while the customer experience in your retail space or showroom will be greatly enhanced. Having clean, bright, and true white light, will help your customers experience your products as they are meant to be seen, without discolouration or poor lighting.

Reducing Emissions
Corporate responsibility, especially in regards to emissions, is a major aspect of large business. What better way to demonstrate your commitment to keeping the environment clean than by reducing the amount of electricity that your business uses, by using LED lighting and in some cases, solar solutions.

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