Introducing Solarize Energy L.P.

ProQuip announces it’s alliance with Solarize Energy L.P.

Solarize ( is a locally-owned project developer focused on solar energy projects qualifying for the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Program in the province of Ontario. The FIT Program provides a 20‑year guaranteed contract at fixed prices.

Together with their strategic partners, Solarize offers a one-stop shop for those interested in installing solar panels on their properties. From the technical side, they manage the initial assessment and FIT application process; they design, engineer and install the solar system; and they commission and monitor the operation. From the financial side, they have the capability to own the solar equipment (in a leasing arrangement), to enter into a partnership arrangement (as joint project owners), or to undertake a turnkey installation (where the site owner also owns the equipment).

To complement their in-house expertise, they have strategic alliances with:

1.       Conergy (, a global supplier of solar equipment and components. Conergy is headquartered in Germany and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

2.       PQI Canada Limited (, a company experienced in solar PV applications as well as LED lighting and solar LED lighting. PQI is a private company headquartered in Brantford with a 15-year business track record. PQI will provide expert project management to all projects developed by Solarize.

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