ProQuip LED Lighting Solutions Provide “an amazing drop in energy use and heat” For Local Fast Food Restaurant Chain


Williams Fresh Cafe Expositor Article

ProQuip recently began a changeover program to energy efficient and cost saving LED lighting with Williams Fresh Café, a Brantford, Ontario based fast food and coffee restaurant chain. The Expositor news article explains the evolution of the fast food industry and its need to embrace new technologies and efficiencies in their infrastructures in order to remain competitive and profitable. LED lighting is one such technology that can reduce lighting energy costs by more than 50% and reduce heat generation thereby reducing HVAC energy costs at the same time. Many retailers of food, furniture, clothing, hardware, general merchandise and other products and services employ concentrations of high power lighting to accent their merchandise and displays. Incandescent and Halogen lighting technologies consume high levels of energy to achieve the desired light levels. LED lighting technology has now evolved to the point where these high light levels can be delivered at a fraction of the energy and therefore a fraction of the cost while concurrently providing additional savings through a longer life and reduced maintenance requirements. These savings in energy consumption are a target of the energy conservation efforts of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and local distribution companies (LDC) in most municipalities and regions of the province. They offer rebate incentives to those businesses that are willing to invest in energy efficient lighting retrofits through the OPA’s saveONenergy For Business program. For details on the programs, energy savings and rebates available, see . ProQuip is a registered provider of Applicant Representative services to prepare applications for LDC and OPA pre-approval through to completion and commissioning of the retrofit project under the Prescriptive, Engineered and Custom Tracks of the OPA’s Commercial Lighting Retrofit and New Construction Programs. Our Interior LED Lighting products qualify for the incentive rebates and savings these programs can offer businesses and institutions.  Our capabilities and experience in interior LED lighting products since 1995 is extensive and growing and we employ it to help maximize the rebate potential of each retrofit opportunity we participate in with our customers.

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