Why use LED LIGHTING?  ProQuip has a few reasons:

  • Runtime (25,000 – 50,000 hours)
  • Halogen and other lights are inefficient
  • Savings on electric bills
  • Less electricity use
  • The impact on our planet vs traditional lighting

Light influences people. The right lighting solutions help create the experience of comfortable, flexible and stimulating working environments.

Why Use LED Lighting?

Why choose LED?

The ProQuip LED Lighting Solution

ProQuip provides a complete turnkey solution to ensure businesses get the right lighting for their business environment. As well, your ProQuip team will ensure that your business will receive any and all relevant government incentive programs.

Our turnkey solution process includes:

  • A thorough lighting audit of your business location
  • Design and recommend a lighting solution to meet or exceed your current standards
  • Explain in plain english,  your energy and cost savings (in watts and dollars)
  • Identify any and all government (Federal, Provincial and Municipal) incentive programs available
  • Complete the government incentive applications on behalf of your business.
  • Review the government incentive application and submit the forms for your business
  • All ProQuip LED lighting products are either UL, cUL or CSA certified as well as Energy Star or DLC rated

ProQuip utilizes only the highest quality LED lighting products. ProQuip’s engineers have a thorough understanding of the obstacles, myths and advantages of LED lighting!  Remember ProQuip has been doing this since 1996, 2 years after it was invented.  Conversion to LED for your business is simple as we offer ready made light fixtures as well as custom LED lighting solutions.

Call us today at 519-758-1421 or 1-866-945-4868 to start saving money and electricity with our LED lighting technology.  Those savings to the bottom line of your profits!

Interior LED Lighting

ProQuip offers LED lighting solutions for multiple applications including commercial and industrial development.  ProQuip LED lighting applications are all  energy efficient.  LED Lighting is designed and manufactured with efficient heat dissipation, dimming capabilities, outstanding functionality, reliability and quality.

Custom LED Lighting Solutions and Design

The first high-brightness blue LED was demonstrated by Shuji Nakamura of Nichia Corporation in 1994.  Since 1996, ProQuip has been in the LED business and has always used the latest computer-aided design software, photometrics, and engineering tools to complete each project. ProQuip’s team of qualified, engineering experts will work with your business through each stage of development to ensure we provide the best LED lighting solution for your business and for your bottom line savings.

Which LED Is Right For Me?

LED Lighting Incentive Programs

Save on Energy Program

The saveONenergy conservation programs for home and business are designed to make it easier than ever to manage your electricity use.

The saveONenergy programs are offered through your local electric utility and funded through the Independent Electricity System Operator.

ProQuip only works with the following LED Lighting products:

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