ProQuip’s President Sam Tavernese Meets US President Barack Obama

FullSizeRender (2)The need for solar and LED energy has dramatically risen over the past year and on October 3rd, 2014, US President Barack Obama gave an exclusive speech that addressed the economy and the role manufacturing plays. Our President, Sam Tavernese, was honoured to join his Proquip America business partners Henry Jackson and Keith Allen at Millenium Steel in Princeton, Indiana to attend this conference. Mr.Tavernese received this invitation-only opportunity through Mr.Jackson, who owns the facility where the conference was held.


Among the topics the President addressed were the new energy sources needed in America, with the President stating: “the real war on coal is natural gas – because of new technologies, we are now extracting at a rate that is unbelievable. – We are at the threshold of being able to create new energy sources – the more we invest in biofuels, clean energy, THAT can make a difference in the world economy.”


Once his speech concluded, Mr. Tavernese had the opportunity to meet President Barack Obama face to face and informed him of the fact that ProQuip’s business model was in line with the direction that the President wanted to take America in, with respect to both new energy and solar energy.

Sam meets President Obama

President to President – Sam Tavernese shaking hands with Barack Obama.


Mr. Tavernese’s conversation with the President was to introduce himself, and share that ProQuip is involved in solar energy and new energy development in the United States and Canada, which the President commented “wonderful, I hope you liked my plug!

 ProQuip supports President Obama’s efforts 100% and we are highly anticipating the change that is coming for the nation’s energy sources in the near future!

Call us today for a chance to save on the cost of energy!


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