ProQuip Continues Evaluating Latest Solar PV Technologies

BRANTFORD, ONTARIO – (PRESS RELEASE) — 08/02/12 – The engineers and project managers at ProQuip are constantly seeking new solutions to the many challenges of installing solar PV energy systems in a wide variety of locations and applications. Daily, they see variables in the different projects that they are installing and connecting to the Ontario power grid. In order to quickly solve problems, reduce maintenance issues and improve overall system performance, they seek out and connect with other technology leaders in the Ontario and international solar PV market.

A recent instance of this was their engagement with Conergy Inc., , an Ontario-based manufacturer of solar PV panels and mounting systems. The new technology being evaluated was Conergy’s latest rooftop rack mounting system, the SolarFamulus Air.  According to Conergy’s Tyler Balding, “many commercial flat roofs do not have the structural strength to support PV installations with conventional mounting systems. The SolarFamulus Air is a light weight, non-penetrating PV mounting system designed for use on such weight-limited commercial flat roofs. The SolarFamulus Air uses aerodynamic forces to minimize ballast requirements; it weighs less than comparable mounting systems and can be installed on a wider range of roofs. The SolarFamulus Air offers the following features:  flexible system design; rapid installation and streamlined logistics; static reliability and maximum service life.”

Knowing that technologies like the new Conergy roof mount system exist ensures that ProQuip engineers and project managers are armed with the knowledge and tools to design properly, plan ahead and get the job done right. “We as a company recognize that one size does not fit all” stated Sam Tavernese, President of ProQuip International , summarizing that “As a leading solar PV EPC services provider, ProQuip endeavours to evolve along with the growing solar energy market and to seek out innovative technologies and smart solutions”.

ProQuip engineers learn more about new rooftop solar PV panel mount technologies from Conergy Inc.
ProQuip Engineers Evaluate New Conergy Inc.Solar PV Panel Roofmount Technology.
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