Why Choose Solar LED?

Solar LED lighting offers the incredible opportunity to create light where previously light was not possible. There are many remote areas where the cost of getting electricity is too high. Therefore, using natural light to create light is both an efficient and cost-effective solution.

  • Eliminate costly wiring and trenching
  • Low maintenance
  • Power outage immunity
  • Zero electricity costs

Why Choose ProQuip - Solar LED?

We offer custom Solar LED lighting solutions for any application including parking lot and pathway lighting, security cameras, motion control lighting, signage lighting, hybrid systems and more. ProQuip’s engineering expertise combined with the highest level of design capabilities has created a diverse skill set that ensures that together we will take your idea from concept to completion.

Call us today at 519-758-1421 or 1-866-945-4868 to learn how our Solar LED lighting technologies will drive your energy savings!

Which Solar LED Is Right For Me?


Our knowledge and ongoing experience has brought us to the design and manufacture of the MaxSUN lighting system. It is the culmination of our expertise in LED Lighting, Solar Energy and electronics. This experience prompted the development of MaxSUN, a solar LED lighting system that solves the problems of earlier generations of the technology, especially in northern climates. MaxSUN offers high performance, reliability and competitive pricing. It is the right choice for commercial area lighting including parking lots, playgrounds, pathways, and other outdoor spaces including back lit signs, billboards and shelters.

TAPEC Maiella – Solar LED Bollard Light

The Maiella solar LED bollard light is an attractive, durable, and maintenance free pathway light. Its soft white light provides excellent visibility but is low enough so as not to disturb the surrounding ambiance. It is a great low-cost option for highlighting courtyards, driveways, parks, playgrounds, pathways, golf courses, pools, marinas, boat docks, and other areas that require caution and security. We offer simple installation with an industry leading 7 year warranty.

Solar LED Incentive Programs

ProQuip will investigate if there are any Solar LED incentive programs available in your jurisdiction.

ProQuip only works with the following LED Lighting products:

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