Solar Project Confirmed With Second Largest Cattle Operation in Ontario

Solarize Energy and ProQuip Set to Install Solar Panels on Cattle Barns North of London

Solarize Energy L.P. announces an agreement to install solar panels on five barn roofs at Van Osch Farms, the second largest cattle operation in Ontario. The 675 kiloWatt system will produce enough energy to power 67 average Canadian homes or to light more than 45,000 average-sized compact fluorescent light bulbs. “Solarize Energy is committed to assisting the agricultural sector in adopting renewable energy as a strategy that combines a positive environmental impact with a financially sustainable investment. This is possible under the government of Ontario’s FIT Program with its focus on the promotion of distributed generation of green power. In countries like Germany, the agricultural sector has been a leading force in the adoption of renewable energy and we fully expect this to be the case in Ontario. For this particular project, we are excited to team with Van Osch Farms in putting in place a system that does not compromise the biosecurity, or in any other way affect the operations, of a 9,000-head beef operation”, said Carlos Leite, General Partner at Solarize Energy L.P.
By replacing fossil fuels, the green energy generated by this system will also contribute significantly to efforts to fight climate change: the annual reduction in GHG emissions is equivalent to eliminating 728 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere or to removing 134 cars or light trucks off the road. “Designing and engineering a system of this degree of complexity and ensuring that the installation and operation does not compromise our main line of business requires a particular combination of experience and skills. We believe that Solarize can deliver that expertise to help us generate an additional source of revenue and at the same time contribute effectively to the fight against climate change” said Fred Van Osch, who runs Van Osch Farms along with Gerald Van Osch. “We are excited about partnering with Solarize and reducing our carbon footprint.” added Gerald.

ProQuip is the engineering, procurement, and construction company contracted for Solarize Energy projects. They will be working with Solarize Energy to provide Van Osch Farms with a turnkey solar power generating solution. ProQuip specializes in providing solar and energy saving products to clients who are serious about energy conservation.

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