The Benefits of Using Solar LED Lighting For Oil Rigs

Oil and gas companies often encounter many issues when working offshore, including how to light their operations. Over the years, LED lighting has enabled these industries to light up their work sites in a more efficient way, that saves both money and the environment.


These industries require high quality, long lasting, reliable and safe lighting fixtures that will meet or exceed their minimum lighting requirements. As mentioned before, the introduction of LED lighting technology for these types of applications has enhanced each of these requirements, while improving energy and maintenance costs, as well as longevity. There are several reasons forcing the conversion to LED lighting technology, and there are millions of lights that need to be replaced!


Many people may not realize that there is actually a huge difference in energy consumption when comparing solar LED lighting to the conventional fluorescent tube lighting or HID lighting fixtures. This is mostly due to the fact that LEDs use less energy and last an average of 10 times longer, therefore cost less money in the long run when it comes to hydro usage. By incorporating solar capabilities into your LED lighting solutions, you are saving even more on your hydro bills because the energy is being generated directly by the sun, making LED options a greener and long term cost effective solution.


There is a big demand right now in Canadian market, mostly in Alberta, for standard and solar LED lighting to be implemented in worksites.


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