The Use and Benefits of LED Lighting for Car Dealerships

The car industry is back on an upswing after being hit with the recession in 2009 and this means that dealership owners are pining for the best ways to make themselves stand out against the competition. Here at ProQuip, we believe that one of the most efficient and seemingly easiest approaches to achieve this is by simply adjusting your lot’s lighting. Especially in the winter months, we see more darkness than sunlight, so it’s important that dealerships highlight their best attributes – their inventory on the lot.

When you replace conventional street lights with LED lighting, energy costs are significantly reduced and to top it off, they are virtually maintenance-free for up to 10 years. When it comes down to crunching numbers, the initial investment pays itself off within a few years, leaving more money in the dealership’s budget for other upgrades or advertising. In addition, retrofitting your outdoor lamps with LED lighting will make your inventory look better due to the high quality, natural looking, bright light that these bulbs will emit.

ProQuip offers many different types of LED lighting to suit the needs of any project, whether it be showcasing your lot, or retrofitting your security lights for added peace of mind. The brightness of the LEDs have the ability to be lowered at night and come up to full brightness instantly, making them ideal to use with motion sensors.

Another great reason to choose LEDs is because their light span is much greater than conventional bulbs, leaving next to no dark, shadowed area across the lot. They have the ability to be focused where the light is needed, therefore showcasing your inventory in the best light, without the hassle of replacing bulbs daily, monthly, or even yearly.


Dealership lot at night with LED lighting

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